Economic Health

The economics of healing patients is challenging for all who are devoted to care. But economics can't be separate from the discussion of care delivery or effectiveness. Specialty pharmacy can help change that as a proven option for taking control of a hospital's economic health.

The Economics of Healing Patients

Medication non-adherence increasingly leads to poor outcomes and today causes 1-in-4 hospital readmissions. Under traditional pharmacy service models and in light of increasingly complex drug regimens, this unfortunate statistic only stands to get worse. Traditional retail or mail-order pharmacies are ill-equipped to meet the needs of critical care patients who require personalized education, assistance, and monitoring.


Shields Care Model

Customizing pharmacy services, tracking medication adherence, and extending the point of care into the home, school, or workplace present an incredibly unique challenge for healthcare organizations. Further, specialty drugs create unique reimbursement challenges for patients and clinicians alike. Allowing the current system of fragmented care supported by uncoordinated outside retail pharmacies to continue will only worsen the existing condition – low adherence, increasing waste (15-30% of prescriptions are abandoned at the pharmacy) and substandard care leading to sky-rocketing costs and poor patient health.

  • 1. Patient Support Center

    Dedicated back-office support vital to operating an efficient and patient focused pharmacy service.

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  • 2. Patient Outreach Program

    Personalized education, attention and care for each and every patient.

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  • 3. Expert Liaisons

    Shields’ liaisons work directly with patients and clinicians on the ground to enhance and tighten the feedback loop.

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  • 4. Medication Adherence Program

    Customized medication programs improve outcomes and catalyze collaboration between the patient, pharmacy and physicians.

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  • 5. Data Analytics

    Confirm upcoming refills, track therapies and monitor medication adherence in real time.

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  • 6. Mobile App

    Mobile health platform monitors medication adherence in real time, reduces potential side effects and allows for convenient communication between the patient, pharmacy and physician outside of the clinics.

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  • 7. 24/7 Support Center

    On-call, around-the-clock access to the information and support each patient needs.

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  • 8. Prior Authorizations

    Shields Health Solutions will help your clinical team complete and obtain prior authorizations (PA) for any medications.

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  • 9. Limited Distribution Medications

    Shields will assist your organization in obtaining contracts to purchase and dispense limited distribution medications.

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  • 10. Specialty Payor Contracting & Licensure

    Leverage Shields infrastructure, expertise and buying power.

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  • 11. Financial Counseling

    Shields has a 98% success rate in finding financial assistance for our patients

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  • 12. Revenue Cycle Management

    Shields team manages the billing and collections process to maximize cash flow and optimize operational efficiency.

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Comprehensive, Customized
and Coordinated

Shields is the industry leader in providing medication management services to the chronically ill. Specialty patients receive high-touch, comprehensive pharmacological care wherein these patients receive expert management therapy and support tailored to their individual needs.

Chronically ill patient populations are commonly faced with complex specialty medication therapies – those that often require one or more of the following:

  • Frequent Dosing Adjustments
  • Intensive Patient Training
  • Access to limited distribution drugs
  • Continual Clinical Monitoring
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Specialized Packaging and Handling

Proven Results

Quality of Care

Shields provides on-site specialty pharmacy services fully-integrated with a care team, which works one-on-one to coordinate with your pharmacy when you are in the hospital, clinic or at home.

Drug Adherence

By developing a personalized plan for every specialty patient, Shields supports therapy adherence including reviewing medication and dosing schedules and discussing management of potential side effects.

Refill Rate

A specialty pharmacy is located on the hospital campus enabling the team to bring the patient's medication to them upon discharge from the hospital or clinic. The 24/7 Patient Support Center and Mobile Platform ensures that every prescription (whether specialty or non-specialty) is filled or delivered on-time, every time.

Reduced Workload

Shields provides its team of pharmacists, nurses and disease-specific “liaisons” with a fully staffed back office that includes a patient service center, insurance administrators, financial counselors and 24/7 phone support. Our ability to leverage outside support improves pharmacy efficiency while reducing the day-to-day workload of the staff.

Reduced Re-Admissions

Shields' implements customized care plans to ensure each patient has the proper support in place to minimize the likelihood of re-admissions. Constant communication allows us to monitor and immediately address any issues or complications in care that would have previously gone undetected.

24/7 Access

The Legendary Care™ we provide to our patients extends beyond the walls of the pharmacy. Patients can speak with a representative of the pharmacy outside the standard hours of pharmacy operation via a phone call and through our mobile application.

New Volume

Our platform provides each health system with the support needed to efficiently grow their new and/or existing pharmacy business. Through close coordination with the patient and their physicians, our Legendary Care™ will quickly give patients a reason to come back and end the fragmentation of care.