April 23, 2024 Shields Health Solutions

The Impact of Specialty Pharmacy on Clinician Allocation

Hospitals and health systems are experiencing a workforce crisis. The burden of prior authorizations (PAs) and other administrative tasks adds to stress, reduced clinician satisfaction, and the risk of burnout. An integrated specialty pharmacy solution can help optimize clinician utilization by shifting time-consuming administrative tasks away from nurses and physicians to skilled, specialized pharmacists and clinical support staff.


  • Hospitals and health systems are grappling with both intense staffing challenges and margin pressure, and will continue to feel squeezed by reimbursement constraints.
  • Burnout and inefficiency are exacerbated when nurses, physicians, and other clinicians are overburdened with PAs and other administrative responsibilities.
  • By integrating the Shields Health Solutions specialty pharmacy care model, hospitals and health systems can minimize the time spent by physicians and nursing staff to complete administrative tasks that are associated with starting patients on specialty medications, enabling clinicians to focus on delivering patient care.

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