December 8, 2021 Chrissy Kendrick, Director of HR

Shields End Of Year Celebration

I love this time of year! It’s the holidays; time for traditions, gathering with family and friends: food, laughter, and kindness abounds! But, one more reason I love this time of year…. It’s time for the Employee of the Year Awards! I love hearing the stories of how our employees have gone above and beyond– I get teary-eyed at most stories, and outright cry at others. There’s no denying it; we have some absolute miracle workers here at Shields!

To find a company that values and appreciates its employees the way Shields does….amazing!  I’ve never come across a company that gives away trips to Disney to their Employee of the Year winners. And not to just one or two folks last year, we celebrated the fantastic work of 13 employees who made a significant impact on patients, partners, and coworkers. And heads up, there will be even more this year!

Some of you may wonder, why Disney? The Disney organization has always had an unparalleled reputation for quality and service.

Shields has always prided itself on the highest level of quality, service, and care for our patients, our partners, and each other. The heart of our mission is to treat every patient the way you would want your mother to be treated, and each of you does that every day.

The Shields family started the Employee of the Year Awards in 1996 at Shields Healthcare Group with the goal of rewarding employees who exemplified the values of quality and service with an all-expense-paid trip to Disney for the recipient and their family. Shields Health Solutions began this tradition in 2016, and countless past winners and their families have made lasting memories on their Disney vacations.

Meet Shields 2021 Employees of The Year!

CeRae Garza, Rookie of The Year

Aaron Jergins, Rookie of The Year

Ponta Rodgers, Rookie of The Year

Winni Chen, Employee of The Year

Niru Shrestha, Employee of the Year

Eileen Abbate, Employee of The Year

Amber DelFuoco, Employee of The Year

Shanery Kong, Employee of The Year

Megan Matos, Employee of The Year


Raymond Po, Coach of The Year


Tylesha Jackson-Williams, Coach of The Year

Jessie Vazquez, Coach of The Year


Tykeisha Carter, Coach of the Year


Preston Bridge, Culture Champion


Juli Coates, Culture Champion