June 30, 2021 Sarah Camper

Shields Health Solutions & ExceleraRx participate in the ASHP Specialty Pharmacy Conference Virtual Event.

Shields Health Solutions and ExceleraRx, LLC presented two abstracts and posters at the ASHP Specialty Conference Virtual Event held July 14–16. The first poster, Improved Oncology Total Medical Expense Associated with the use of Integrated Health System Specialty Pharmacy Care Model, focused on evaluating pharmacy and medical expenses among oncology specialty pharmacy patients in health system specialty pharmacy (HSSP) group care model versus a national network. The second poster, Virtual Residency Rotation Experience Developed for a Network of Health System Residents, detailed an innovative approach to providing residents in a network of health systems the opportunity to garner insights into the business and clinical development of specialty pharmacy to showcase their research.


Specialty pharmacy medications represent almost 50% of total prescription drug spending, and oncology specialty medication comprises about 18% of total specialty pharmacy spend. (CVS Health 2019 Drug Trend Report). HSSPs have shown improved clinical outcomes and adherence rates, and lower medical expenses for specialty pharmacy patients by implementing a cohesive risk-stratified oncology care model. The Shields care model is comprised of board-certified clinical pharmacists and patient support staff who use Shields’ propriety operational and clinical technology platform, TelemetryRx, to standardize documentation and workflow to deliver patient care.


“Integrated health system specialty pharmacies have shown superior patient outcomes in many studies. There is a lack of data available to show how integrated health system specialty pharmacy care impacts claims cost to benefit health plans and health plan sponsors,” said Dale Fasching, Pharm D, MBA, Director of Strategic Operations, Shields Health Solutions. “The work of Shields health system partners and the Shields care team has allowed for measurable benefit in improved medical benefit expense for specialty oncology subpopulations. This is noteworthy, as it may improve the access to integrated specialty pharmacy care for broader populations and allow health systems to retain the pharmacy care of the oncology patients they serve.”

Fasching is the lead author for the oncology virtual abstract and poster along with co-authors, Jennifer L. Donovan, PharmD; Kate Smullen, PharmD, CSP; Kristen Ditch, PharmD; and Brian S. Smith, PharmD from Shields Health Solutions.


Due to the success of the virtual residency rotation format, Excelera intends to continue a virtual rotation experience as a baseline, especially for those whose programs have budget and/or travel restrictions, and to create individualized on-site experiences for residents who desire that option.


“The information that was presented on our poster shows that there are innovative ways to adapt business to changing times and still ensure access to valuable non-traditional residency rotations for residents from our member health systems,” said Jami Schell, PharmD, CSP, Program Director – Trade Relations, ExceleraRx, LLC. “The residents who participated felt the virtual format was conducive to learning and that they would recommend it for future residents. By using a virtual platform, we are also able to reach more residents, especially those who have travel or budgetary constraints.”

Lead author for the residency virtual abstract and poster is Jami Schell, PharmD, BCSP, CSP; along with co-authors, Zach Russell, PharmD, CSP; Lana Gerzenshtein, PharmD, CSP from ExceleraRx, LLC.


Both companies presented their research at the Specialty Pharmacy Conference: Optimizing Patient Outcomes and Operational Excellence which featured professionals from across ASHP’s membership presenting innovative research surrounding specialty pharmacy.


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