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Assisting a Specialty Pharmacy with Growth Planning

Executive Summary

This content was written by Excelera, a Shields company.

UnityPoint utilized an outside consultant to conduct a market assessment and provide guidance for them to develop a specialty pharmacy program within UnityPointā€™s Home Care business unit. In January 2017, UnityPoint was seeking a partner to assist with their continued program development within the specialty pharmacy space to include the following goals:

  • Limited drug access
  • Payer access
  • Reporting capabilities to pharma
  • Benchmarking data on program performance

The goals of the engagement were:

  • Development of a plan to implement data reporting to Excelera for data aggregation
  • Implementation of incremental policies and procedures
  • Creation of partnerships to gain access to payers and drugs
  • Develop a strategic growth plan to identify areas of opportunity across the UnityPoint Health system


UnityPoint Health had numerous hospitals and clinics across Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin making it difficult for them to prioritize the focus of their growth planning efforts. They did not have a resource with the background to engage with manufacturers in order to gain access to LDD drugs.


The partnership included the coordination of planning, development and implementation support for:

  • Development of a Project Plan
  • Resource planning based on projected growth to include staffing models and training process
  • Connectivity to Excelera data aggregation system
  • Compliance, quality, regulatory, and support in policy and procedure development
  • Leveraging Excelera manufacturer relationships to engage with pharma


UnityPoint at Home reports data through Exceleraā€™s proprietary data platform which has allowed them to gain access to five limited distribution drugs through the network. Their specialty pharmacy program is now dual accredited and is executing on their growth plan across the UnityPoint Health System.

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