July 9, 2020 Angela Ouyang, Manufacturer Analyst & Jami Schell, PharmD, CSP, Director of Pharmaceutical Accounts

Can You Really Predict the Future – Proactive Pipeline Management

Specialty pharmacy has shown considerable expansion over the past several years and will continue to drive pharmacy industry growth. As the specialty market landscape evolves, proactive management of pipeline products becomes ever more crucial to monitor as it impacts clinical management programs, budgeting, and access. Shields manages its pipeline through several independent sources, which drives a competitive advantage for its members. A proactive pipeline review process assesses specialty drugs coming to market, aligns with manufacturer partnersā€™ goals for launch strategy, and assists health system specialty pharmacies in preparing for drug availability.

Drug Pipeline Management

  • Health system specialty pharmacies need to be aware of drugs coming down the pipeline because taking a proactive stance in terms of access helps drive business strategies surrounding high cost specialty drugs and affordability. Knowing what new therapeutic areas or treatment options will be coming allows specialty pharmacies to plan for and properly allocate resources ahead of time in order to help capture prescriptions at launch.
  • Gathering data from multiple sources can be time-consuming and burdensome. At Shields, we connect health system specialty pharmacies to subject matter experts so you can make informed decisions, prioritize market opportunities, and identify unmet needs on behalf of your patients. Utilize this to your advantage; we reduce and can even potentially eliminate, the time and resources your team needs to spend on pharma intelligence.