May 10, 2021 Shields Health Solutions

Celebrating Our Nurses

As we celebrate Nurses Week, one of our nurses, Shanna, provides unique insight into how she adjusted to the new challenges she faced amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. As a nurse who went into homes to train patients on injections, she highlights the ways in which she has been able to continue to execute on our care model but with a few modifications in the delivery.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone this past year in many different ways. Our lives changed and our limits were stretched. We had to adjust everything.

One of those things that needed adjusting was the way we worked, and for our nurse, Shanna, that change came with a lot of concerns. Her role required her to perform in-home injection teachings to the patients we serve. But for the safety of everyone involved and with proper social distancing, going into a patientā€™s home to teach them directly was not always a viable option.

Shanna shares her extraordinary experience pivoting to a remote teaching setting during this challenging time:

Due to the risk of exposure, I was initially concerned that we would not be able to provide our in-home injection teachings to our patients any longer, but Shields quickly took action, and I worked to find ways to still provide this care in our new virtual world. I was hesitant and uneasy about having to do virtual injection teaches for a number of reasons, including mistakes being made that I was not able to intervene in or the possibility of a patient having a reaction to a new medication.

But we made it work. I advised the patient to have someone present during the teaching, if possible. It also meant understanding peopleā€™s concerns and anxieties around injecting themselves for the first time without me being there. I needed to find a way to give them the peace of mind that they would receive as if I were present.

Now a year later, it just feels normal. It has worked out very well. The flexibility that Shields has allowed me to have, to care for our patients and whatever is in their best interest, is appreciated and noticed by many of these patients, which is something I take pride in. I now have much more availability to schedule patients with a shorter wait time since I am no longer driving most of the day.

I have been able to become part of the Rare and Complex Disease Team (through extensive disease state trainings, required REMS training [when applicable], and membership in professional organizations) and this freedom in my schedule has given me an opportunity to learn and grow as a clinician while helping a very sick patient population that needs a little extra TLC.

Thank you, Shanna, and thank you to all of our nurses who pivoted this past year, allowing us to continue to deliver the care people expect from Shields Health Solutions.