June 18, 2020 Shields Health Solutions

Excelera® and Aptitude Health Partner to Improve Oncology Patient Outcomes Through Combined Clinical Knowledge and Education

Aptitude's Axess Network provides Excelera members with cutting-edge clinical and market insights in oncology and hematology as well as unparalleled access to disease-state experts and their clinical practices

MINNEAPOLISJune 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Excelera®, the company behind the Excelera Network, and Aptitude Health, which provides critical insights for life sciences companies and health care professionals to improve cancer care and outcomes, today announced a strategic partnership focused on improving health outcomes for cancer patients by facilitating collaboration, communication and clinical knowledge sharing between clinicians, health systems and life science partners. Focused on oncology and hematology, the partnership provides Excelera members with a trusted partner for oncology education and market insights program management that enhance and promote Excelera’s value to members and manufacturer clients.

“Our partnership with Aptitude Health underscores the importance of collaboration to reach the expertise of health care providers who are aligned with academic medical centers, health systems and IDNs,” said Becky Rand, VP Manufacturer Relations at Excelera. “With their strong presence in the community oncology market, Aptitude will provide our members access to the best in clinical care programming for oncology patient care, treatment and outcomes.”

Through this partnership, Excelera and Aptitude Health will launch a new platform of programs to improve how clinicians and health systems collaborate and communicate with their peers and life science partners. With access to Aptitude Health’s educational and insights programming, including measurement and benchmarking of patient standards, the partnership will help Excelera members optimize the quality and cost of complex care required by cancer patients. Additionally, Aptitude Health will provide Excelera members with access to cutting-edge clinical and market insights in oncology through its global resources and long-standing relationships with key scientific leaders and life science partners.

“Excelera is an ideal partner for Aptitude Health. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with Excelera’s clinicians, health systems and IDNs to continue to improve the care of cancer patients and educational resources provided to their members,” said Michael Fleming, CCO of Aptitude Health.

Aptitude Health’s Axess Network is a proprietary global network of expert partners encompassing six continents. It includes over 2,100 oncology physicians, with more than 1,500 of those located in the U.S. Aptitude Health has supported 67 percent of the newly FDA-approved oncology therapies in the last three years.

The Excelera Network consists of over 20 health systems and academic medical centers across the U.S., encompassing over 550 hospitals and over 109K pharmacists. To learn more about the Excelera Network, visit https://www.excelerarx.com/.

To learn more about Aptitude Health, visit https://www.aptitudehealth.com/.

About Aptitude Health

Aptitude Health is a global healthcare company dedicated to transforming the world’s growing scientific and clinical knowledge into better cancer patient outcomes. Our evidenced-based solutions assist life science companies seeking to identify, develop, and commercialize oncology and hematology innovations. We have a proven track record of success and our medical expertise is backed by unparalleled access to over 2,100 disease state experts and market-driving physicians. Many of the world’s most successful and innovative life science companies have made Aptitude Health their strategic partner of choice. To learn more, visit https://www.aptitudehealth.com.