December 7, 2020 astruble

Happy Patient, Happy Life

This week’s “Care Corner” story was provided to us by our Director of Support Operations, Angela Killay. As Director of Support Operations, Angela leads our Patient support team in providing the utmost patient care to our patients. Last week, Angela received an email from one of our patients raving about one of our Patient Support Advocates, Denise Salvador.

“I received a wonderful email from one of our Patient Support Advocates patients and decided to give her a call to follow-up. She was the sweetest and didn’t want to disturb me with an initial phone call, but she was more than willing to talk to me about her experience working with our Patient Support Advocate, Denise.

This patient is an MS patient with a copay of over $2000, and initially, there was no assistance available as all funds were closed. She paid her first copay and an additional copay for month 2 of her therapy. When funding opened up, Denise remembered that she needed help and jumped in to start the process. Denise was able to get her medication fully covered AND get her previous copays reimbursed.

This patient had worked in healthcare for 53 years, and she has worked with a number of a large population of people. She has been dealing with MS for 18 years, and she told me it was like our Patient Advocate, Denise, came out of the woodwork. She has never experienced someone so thorough, compassionate, kind, efficient, and she could not stress enough how much she appreciated her follow up.

She even told me that Denise was like “an angel falling from the sky”. This medication is all new to her and to the pharmacy filling it, and she was so happy to have someone hold her hand through the ENTIRE process. She felt that Denise went above and beyond and she feels incredibly blessed to have connected with her. I spent about 15-20 minutes on the phone with this patient, and she could NOT stop talking about how blessed she was, how amazing Denise is, and how impressive the entire program is.”