November 30, 2020 astruble

One Point of Contact

From a Patient Outreach Coordinator -After calling on a patient with no response for a couple of months, he finally answered the phone after receiving my voicemail. During our call, I checked-in on how the patient was doing with his specialty medication and asked him about his current pharmacy experience since this patient was not filling with our hospital’s specialty pharmacy.

He explained how he’s had issues in receiving medications from his mail-order pharmacy. When I looked into this, I noticed he had missed about a months worth of medications due to an online ordering error, which he stated was “not ideal.” He went on to tell me that his current mail-order pharmacy did not inform him about his next refill and would even charge his credit card any price amount without his knowledge.

After hearing how unhappy he was, I let him know that he was eligible to move his prescriptions to our hospital specialty pharmacy and took this time to educate him on the services we offer. I assured him that we would make sure that he gets his medications without delay with our pharmacy liaison’s help. The patient also stated that he has trouble remembering all of his medications, making having a liaison to help a bonus.

The patient loved that he would have one point of contact for everything, including refill reminders, keeping track of his medication list, and notifications before each shipment. The patient was thankful that he answered my call and that it came with good news. He felt confident that switching to UHS Krembs Specialty pharmacy was the right decision.