March 26, 2024 Shields Health Solutions

Pediatric Patients Benefit from An Integrated Specialty Pharmacy Care Model

With the tremendous growth in the development of treatments for chronic pediatric diseases such as cystic fibrosis (CF), sickle cell, hemophilia, and many rare and orphan pediatric diseases, there has been an evolving recognition of the importance of an integrated health system specialty pharmacy (HSSP) in pediatric patient care. The recognition comes from the literature showing that HSSP improves clinical outcomes and medication adherence rates and lowers healthcare costs.1 This model offers an advanced approach to pediatric patients and their families by integrating medical care with pharmaceutical care, supported by clinical services and financial solutions to improve the well-being and outcomes of pediatric patients with complex chronic and rare diseases.


• Pediatric patients are at high risk for fragmented care due to transitions between healthcare settings transitions through developmental stages and socioeconomic disparities.

• Increases in drug prices, labor expenses, supply costs, and declining federal reimbursement rates are reducing the margins in pediatric hospitals.

• Shields’ customized specialty pharmacy care model is uniquely positioned to help pediatric hospitals overcome barriers to improving patient care and reducing the total cost of care.

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