January 19, 2022 Jeff Cramer, Communications Manager

Residency Rotation Series Brings ‘Real Life’ Experience, Career Opportunities to Pharmacy Residents

As a pharmacist, it’s never too early to start thinking about your future and where you’d like to advance your career. But having the resources and opportunities to do that is an important first step. The field of specialty pharmacy and health system-based specialty pharmacy continues to rapidly grow and the need for adequate training of future clinicians is a big priority. To help address the increasing need, Excelera started a specialty pharmacy residency rotation and began working with members to develop and build out a specialty pharmacy.

So, how does it work? The program, open to all Excelera members and Shields partners, allows residents to explore a variety of topics to get a better understanding of the different aspects of health system specialty pharmacy. The resident cycle begins in August and runs until May. During that time, residents participate in interactive experiences, virtual networking, and present pharmacy research or quality improvement projects (QIP) during showcase events throughout the year.

For Hannah Shaw, a resident at Novant Health, the residency rotation series offered her a glimpse into a career in health system-based specialty pharmacy. “The program provides an opportunity to meet with members of the Excelera and Shields team to share experiences and ideas,” said Shaw. “The first residency rotation session allowed us to discuss considerations when determining if we are going to enter into partnerships/projects in the pharmaceutical pipeline.”

The pandemic has shifted the program to a virtual model which consists of four, one-hour sessions held via a web conferencing platform. The success of the virtual series will allow us to continue offering this option, especially for health systems facing budget or travel restrictions, and create personalized experiences for residents who prefer that option.

To learn more about our Residency Rotation Series, contact us at info@shieldsrx.com