September 22, 2021 Shields Health Solutions

The Evolution of Health System Specialty Pharmacy Panel Discussion

On September 15th, we hosted a panel discussion on The Evolution of Health System Specialty Pharmacy. An esteemed panel of specialty pharmacists helped us understand why a more mature specialty pharmacy (SP) will require more than nascent specialty pharmacy capabilities and access to LDDs and payer networks.

If you missed the panel discussion, don’t worry, we took notes! Below you will find information on the key topics and discussion points as well as a recording of the complete discussion for you to watch anytime.

Some key concepts discussed were:
  • Aligning, consolidating, or combining business lines and resources.
  • Leveraging key partnerships at scale to mature beyond current specialty pharmacy capabilities.
  • Advancing quality care initiatives through development and participation in standardized methodologies.
  • Evaluating whether current patient management programs are adequate for smaller, rare/orphan patient populations and therapies.
  • Participation in innovative contracting methodologies in response to marketplace shifts to risk- and outcomes-based care
Some key discussion points were:
  • What to focus on when evolving your health system specialty pharmacy and key drivers for success?
  • How to define success for your program especially as it grows and matures?
  • What challenges still lie ahead and the future focus of SP capabilities?

Watch the full recording of our panel discussion below to learn more about the challenges that still lie ahead and what to expect from the constant evolution of health system specialty pharmacy.

Panel discussion on The Evolution of Health System Specialty Pharmacy