May 7, 2020 astruble

Working for healthcare at a social distance

Every Excelera member is on the front line in the fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Our members are proactively addressing challenges as they relate to COVID by regularly sharing information and best practices with each other, including:

  • Planning for drug shortages. Members are coordinating with their supply chains to circumvent delays and working with patients to ensure deliveries to the correct locations.
  • Reassessing patients and workload. Specialty pharmacies are coordinating care in a variety of ways facilitated by their integrated access to the EMR, so that clinical resources will be aligned with greatest need. Patients likely to be at higher risk for complications or disruption are being prioritized.
  • Delivering and maintaining quality care while working remotely or social distancing. Pharmacies are essential but minimizing the exposure of the team helps to keep the workforce healthy to continue providing care. Members are working with State Boards of Pharmacy for allowable variances and alternative practice models, to comply with shelter-in-place orders and achieve social distancing in pharmacies and call centers.

We applaud our members for these efforts and all the ways they are working to care for their patients and keep their pharmacies and health systems working effectively.

welcome any additional stories you would like to share about our members during this unprecedented public health crisis at